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Face to face appointments at our Telford clinic

Originally starting out in Shrewsbury, The Autism Service has been delivering autism and ADHD assessments for both children and adults since 2019.

With over 700,000 people living with autism across the UK, we recognised the need to supply face-to-face appointments at more locations. Waiting months for an autism diagnosis can be stressful and opening our Telford clinic means private assessments are now more readily available.

Since opening our Telford clinic in February 2023, we’ve been able to increase regional capacity and carry out hundreds of assessments. With our full range of assessments available, we are able to carry out assessments for both autism & ADHD as well as combinations of the two. Crucially, all assessments are available for both children and adults.

Our clinicians deliver fast, accurate diagnostic assessments to identify whether an individual has ASD or ADHD.

Why people choose us

  • Your appointments will always be face to face
  • Our assessment pathways follow national guidance from NICE
  • You will only be seen by clinicians who are professionally regulated in their practice
  • Your assessment will include at least one in-person appointment
  • We use the best available tools to assist diagnosis
  • You will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • The outcome of the assessment will be recognised by external organisations

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“The assessment was a lot more robust then when I tried to do it through the NHS, and I was seen by multiple clinicians and their report was thorough.”

“From being extremely nervous about using a private company for our daughter’s diagnosis, it was actually the best decision we made. The process was seamless from start to finish.”

“It was worth every penny. Knowledgeable doctors and even the nursery staff feel they learned from the person who visited them.”

How to find us

Our Telford clinic is located three miles north west of Telford town centre in Hadley and is easily accessible by car. The clinic can also be accessed by public transport as there are local buses that stop within a short walk from the clinic.

The clinic has free onsite parking for all visitors visiting us. We strongly believe in equality of all individuals and identify as LGBTQ+ friendly, with gender neutral toilets. Our clinic is suitable for wheelchair users with excellent facilities and a welcoming reception team who are happy to assist with any visitor queries.


Getting here

Technology House,
Hadley Park East,

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Telford clinic FAQs

Our Telford clinic is located in Hadley, north west of Telford town centre and is easily accessible from central Telford and surrounding areas, such as Newport and Albrighton. If travelling from central Telford, take the A442 up the Queensway, which will take you straight to the clinic. For clients coming from Albrighton, take the M54 and continue on the A442 to the Queensway, while visitors coming from Newport can take the A518 to arrive at our clinic.

Yes, there is free onsite parking for all visitors.

Yes, our Telford clinic is wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible lift and toilet available for clients. If you require wheelchair access, please contact our friendly team, who will be able to make all the necessary arrangements when making a booking with us.

There is currently no waiting list at any of our clinics. Please call us directly on +44 0300 303 0667 or submit a booking form above for full details. Please note, waiting times can vary throughout the year.

At our Telford clinic, we offer autism, ADHD and combined ASD/ADHD assessments for both adults and children. Whichever service you choose, you will receive a full face-to-face, NICE-compliant diagnostic assessment.

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