Reliable Autism, ADHD & Combined Assessments.

Appointments typically available within four weeks of booking.

We’re a clinician-led company that believes autism and ADHD assessments should always be carried out in-person and to a high standard. Our assessment pathways remain the same as they did when the company was founded in 2019 and our team of clinicians has now grown to cover 29 locations throughout England & Wales.

How can we help?

29 clinic locations offering face-to-face virtual appointments, with the outcome being a high-quality Autism, ADHD or combined assessment that is recognised by organisations important to you.

For more information, head to our about us section where we’ve broken our ethos down and explained both how and why we work the way we do. If you’d like to read more about autism, adhd and the impact they have on families, we’re always adding new resources to our news section.

Our services

Our services

Our team of clinicians provide ASD, ADHD and combined assessments for both children and adults.


Answer to your questions ensuring you feel fully informed and understand the process before making your booking.
Join our team

Join our team

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How it works

Find your nearest clinic and contact us to book your Autism or ADHD assessment, and then we do the rest.

1. Use our search tool 
to find your nearest Autism clinic

Search for clinics across the UK, filtering by assessment type to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

2. Submit a booking request by completing our online form

Provide your contact details and relevant background information to our admin team.

3. An administrator will contact you to schedule your appointments

Your assessment needs will be discussed and payment taken at this stage.

Who we are?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are experts in diagnosing neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism and ADHD. From professions including psychology, psychiatry, nursing, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy, you can be confident that your assessing team has the mix of skills needed to provide diagnosis.

The practice of each clinician is regulated by an independent body, which means there is a clear standard of care we must abide by when providing services to the public. Through our standards, we ensure your diagnosis will be recognised by other agencies.

Find a clinic

Our clinics

Our network of Autism / ASD / ADHD clinics is growing, enabling you to access assessment and test services closer to home.

About us

We’re here to help

Appointments typically available for autism, ADHD & combined assessments within four weeks of booking.

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