Below are the answers to some of the key questions our clients ask about our assessments.

No, as a private service we accept self-referrals. A booking form will be completed with you and if further information is needed from your GP, we will discuss this with you before making any contact.

We do not currently offer initial consultations. We have previously provided this but found that most people wanted to go ahead with the full assessment regardless of the outcome of the consultation, for their own reassurance. Our trained booking team will be able to signpost you to information that will help you decide if you would benefit from an assessment with us.

Our waiting times vary but we can generally start an assessment within four weeks of your booking. Child assessments take around two months to complete, from the first appointment through to you receiving the written report. This can of course take a little longer during school holidays as our assessment pathways require that we observe your child in school and/or obtain information from school. Adult assessments take around one month to complete.

We have made enquiries with various providers but it is not possible to finance this type of healthcare. We can however split the assessment fee across three monthly payments for you in order to spread the cost. The assessment would not start until the final payment is received but during the three-month period we will start scheduling your child’s assessment and ensure all documentation is in, meaning that once the assessment starts it will be completed quickly.

We are not registered as a provider with any health insurance companies. You may be able to book and pay for the assessment with us and then claim from your health insurance but this will depend on their terms and conditions. Please contact your health insurer for advice.

Sorry, but we cannot. Many companies who are on the Right to Choose list now have substantial waiting lists or are not taking new bookings. Please also check their assessment pathway to ensure it is consistent with your requirements and expectations.

The Autism Service has been doing assessments for over four years now and have never had a diagnosis refused by another organisation. Occasionally, there may be some push-back, however, we are always able to rebut any questions or concerns. Most of our clinicians continue to work in the NHS in diagnostic teams. Furthermore, we are regularly commissioned by the NHS, county councils, educational establishments and His Majesty’s Prison Service to complete assessments on their behalf.
Please visit our blog for specific information about using our assessments when applying for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

A healthcare professional with a doctoral level qualification will be involved in each assessment. Typically, this is a psychologist or a psychiatrist. This is consistent with what is recommended in the national guidance on assessment and diagnosis of ASD and ADHD from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). If the multidisciplinary team who assesses a child would like the opinion of a paediatrician, this is generally obtained by linking in with your local NHS paediatric team.

We are currently an assessment only service. The clinical team who assesses you will be able to signpost you to local services that can offer you ongoing support.