About us

We are a clinician and owner lead company. That’s really all you need to know! Oh, and we also believe in assessing our clients in person…

How we work

Our principles are simple and clear. First, we don’t cut corners in our work. Our assessment pathway is the same as it was when the company started several years ago and we standby our position that face-to-face or in person appointments are necessary when completing both autism and ADHD assessments. It would be easier and more convenient for us to administer the entire assessment virtually, but we don’t do that.

Second, by booking an assessment, you are not guaranteed a diagnosis. We use our clinical expertise to interpret assessment information, and for many, the diagnostic threshold will not be met. Whilst awareness building initiatives for autism and ADHD have been great, the disorders remain relatively rare and the diagnoses should be respected. We complete around 100 assessments per month and have never (yes, never!) had an assessment or diagnosis successfully disputed by an external organisation.

Why choose us?

  • Our assessments pathways follow national guidance from NICE
  • You will only been seen by clinicians who are professionally regulated in their practice
  • Your assessment will include at least one in person appointment
  • We use the best available tools to assist diagnosis
  • You will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • The outcome of the assessment will be recognised by external organisations

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Our network of clinics is growing, enabling you to access assessment services closer to home.

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