02 Oct 2023

How to support parents who have a child with autism

Supporting a child with autism can be stressful, not just for the parents, but fellow family members and friends. According to the National Autistic Society, …

Supporting a child with autism can be stressful, not just for the parents, but fellow family members and friends. According to the National Autistic Society, there are 700,000 adults and children in the UK who are on the autism spectrum.

Finding and accessing vital support for your child can be challenging. This article looks at how friends and families can provide support for parents of children with autism.

Ask your friends to advocate for your child

Having friends who can advocate for your child can be useful, particularly in terms of supporting them. A report conducted by the National Autism Project found that the UK spent £32 billion a year in supporting and caring for autistic children and adults.

If it’s a close friend you’ve known for many years, they can spend some time getting to know your child. From learning about your child’s hobbies, to figuring out how to communicate with them, they will become an instrumental part in your support network in helping your child get the support they need.

Over time, a friend will become an invaluable member in accessing essential support for your child. They can help with things such as caring for your child when you are at work or are away.

Seek resources for where to get support for your autistic child

There are plenty of online and offline resources that parents can access for getting support for your child.

With there being plenty of resources available, it can be overwhelming finding the right groups or information for both you and your child. The National Autistic Society has a directory of local support groups parents can access, which can be useful when it comes to finding advocacy organisations, as well as leisure activities for your child to participate in.

National and local charities, such as Ambitious about Autism and Autism West Midlands have plenty of information, covering autism support for parents. They can be useful when it comes to guiding family members and friends by helping them understand more about autism.

Read stories of parents’ experience of supporting children with autism

Social media and online forums, such as HealthUnlocked’s Autism Support and National Autistic Society Community are filled with many individuals sharing their stories and experiences of parenting a child with autism.

Looking at groups run by autism charities is a good starting point, as well as reading stories from other parents and guardians. The Ambitious about Autism and National Autistic Society Facebook groups are worth joining for parents who have an autistic child.

Getting an autism diagnosis for your child with The Autism Service

If you think your child shows symptoms of autism and don’t want to wait for an assessment, that’s where we can help. We provide quick and accurate child autism assessments to help you find out whether your child has autism or not.

All our child autism assessments are NICE-guideline compliant, giving your child a full diagnostic assessment of whether they have autism or not. We have clinics located across the UK, meaning you can book an autism assessment at a clinic that’s convenient for your child.

Wondering what our process is for child autism assessments? Contact one of our friendly members located in our regional clinics across the UK today. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the autism assessment process, as well as booking an assessment with us.

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