23 Aug 2023

What social communication challenges do women with autism have?

Women with autism have their own set of social difficulties that make it difficult for them to communicate with other people. Turn taking, staying on …

Women with autism have their own set of social difficulties that make it difficult for them to communicate with other people. Turn taking, staying on topic in conversations, as well as greeting and requesting information from other people are just a few challenges that women with ASD may face.

It means that women may mask themselves to fit in with both friends and family members, thus making it difficult for them to build long-term friendships and work relationships.

In this article, we look at the social communication challenges that women with autism have.

How autism affects social skills in women 

Every woman with autism has their own personality, experiences and social communication challenges that they encounter.

For example, one woman may struggle to read other people’s body language or facial expressions, while another woman may find it hard to ask for help when they’re dealing with a difficult situation. It’s worth remembering that every woman with autism has their own set of social communication difficulties that need to be considered.

Here are some of the most common social communication challenges women with autism have:

Unaware or unable to understand social cues

Women who are on the autism spectrum may struggle to recognise or interpret social cues from others.

Being unaware of personal space, not putting themselves in the shoes of others or understanding sarcasm. Therefore, people may see a woman with autism as rude or disinterested, meaning that they may not want to pursue friendships or relationships due to the fear of being rejected or left out in social situations.

Struggle with problem solving and decision making

Decision making and problem solving can be difficult for women with ASD, particularly if they have a full-time job.

For example, if they’re given a job with ambiguous and unclear instructions, they may not be able to ask their fellow colleagues for help, so they’ll prefer to do it themselves. It means that they’ll end up doing the job differently to what is asked from them, thus leading to work taking twice as long to complete.

May find it difficult to start conversations with others

Taking part and starting conversations with autism is a common challenge that women with autism face daily.

Expressing opinions, being assertive and beginning a conversation are a few things that a woman with ASD may find hard. Not only could they be overwhelmed by having to start conversations with people they’ve never met before, but they may also avoid social situations around others where they feel uncomfortable.

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