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Face to face appointments at our Shrewsbury clinic

Shrewsbury is our original clinic, opened back in 2019. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer nationwide coverage delivering autism and ADHD assessments for both children and adults.

With over 700,000 people living with autism across the UK and strains on current NHS waiting times, we recognised the need to supply face-to-face appointments that provide an accurate diagnosis. Waiting months for this can be stressful and opening our subsequent clinics means private assessments are now more readily available.

Since opening our Shrewsbury clinic, we’ve been able to increase regional capacity and carry out hundreds of assessments. With our full range of assessments available, we are able to carry out assessments for both autism & ADHD as well as combinations of the two. Crucially, all assessments are available for both children and adults.

Our clinicians deliver fast, accurate diagnostic assessments to identify whether an individual has ASD or ADHD.

Why people choose us

  • Our assessment pathways follow national guidance from NICE
  • You will only be seen by clinicians who are professionally regulated in their practice
  • Your assessment will include at least one in-person appointment
  • We use the best available tools to assist diagnosis
  • You will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary team
  • The outcome of the assessment will be recognised by external organisations

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What to expect from your assessment

Below, you’ll find links to video resources we’ve put together to help you understand what to expect from the assessment process. If you have any questions at all on our process, please reach out and one of the team will be able to put your mind at ease.

Adult ASD Pathway

Child ASD Pathway

Adult ADHD Pathway

Child ADHD Pathway

“Every step of the way, I was made to feel valued and involved. I was nervous about pursing an ADHD diagnosis as an adult, particularly as I did not present what I thought to be ‘typical’ of the disorder in childhood, but every member of the team made me feel listened to and assessed me fairly.”

“My child can be quite difficult in challenging situations. The team at The Autism Service were fantastic. I’ve never seen her so comfortable.”

“Very professional and extremely helpful and friendly. I didn’t receive the outcome I anticipated but gained so much knowledge into what is going on and received plenty of recommendations on what to do next.”

How to find us

The location of our head office, our Shrewsbury clinic can be found on Knights Way in Battlefield. Appointments for clients from across Shropshire, including Shrewsbury itself plus Telford, Whitchurch, Oswestry and other towns and villages.

All assessments take place at Charlesworth Court, easily accessed from both the M54 and A49. We have plenty of free onsite parking for visitors and our clinic here is fully wheelchair accessible.

Getting here

Charlesworth Court,

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Shrewsbury clinic FAQs

Our Shrewsbury clinic is located at Charlesworth Court, accessible from the M54 and A49.

Yes, there is plenty of free onsite parking for visitors.

Yes, our Shrewsbury clinic is fully wheelchair accessible.

There is currently no waiting list at any of our clinics. Please call us directly on +44 0300 303 0667 or submit a booking form above for full details. Please note, waiting times can vary throughout the year.

At our Shrewsbury clinic, we offer autism, ADHD and combined ASD/ADHD assessments for both adults and children. Whichever service you choose, you will receive a full face-to-face, NICE-compliant diagnostic assessment.

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